Technic pergola

The most technologically advanced model of pergola.
An aluminium construction with an automatic roof.

Pergola Technic – an elegant pavilion with a rough appearance and design is the most advanced technological model of our offer. Automatic roof bioclimatic type, where aluminium lamelles rotate on range 0° to 135°. Smooth adjustment of the lamelles during rotation at any position to provide precise control over the sunlight and ventilation irrespective of the angle of the sun in the sky. Robust construction resistant to atmospheric conditions. Additional accessories, such as LED lighting, glazing or screen shades that protect from wind, rain and intense sunlight – allow you to use the pavilion almost all year round.


Classic pergola

A classic pergola, designed for roofing all types of terraces. A robust, light aluminium construction with a fabric (PVC) retractable roof.

Pergola Elegancy is a classic elegant awning for a terrace, thanks a many technological solutions, looks stylish, rich and has
a number of useful functions. The structure consists of a corrosion resistant of extruded aluminium base, retractable waterproof awning made by special fabric TechProtect and system visor, which protects the engine and awning fabric. Pergola, set up
in the garden near the house or as a restaurant extension openair, with additional accessories, can function from early spring until late autumn and will become the most indispensable place for rest, entertainment or just a family dinner.


Light and modern pergola

For wall-mounted roofing only. Automatically folding, made from water resistant fabric. A minimalist, simple construction that fits perfectly with modernist architecture.

Pergola Light – modern design designed for medium and large terraces. Minimalistic construction without additional elements looks unusually light and practically in air. This model is mounted direct to the wall. You can use additional accessories such as integrated lighting and radiant heaters. An ideal place to relax for those who like to spend the daytime in the open air, having cover under resistant roof from a sun and rain.


Minimalist pergola

A minimalist, geometric terrace with flat roofing. The aluminium construction effectively drains off water. Glazing and screeners can be added.

Pergola Flat was designed with the idea of modern architecture, often used to landscaping a gardens or terraces. Construction consists of a corrosion resistant of extruded aluminium base and automatically retractable waterproof awning-roof made by special fabric TechProtect. Visually easy and simple, but in reality a very strong and stable design allows you to get a secluded corner. Additional accessories such as lighting, glazing or protective screens-roller and radiant heaters make it possible to extend the season until late autumn.


Cubic designed pergola

A cubic designed form with automatic opening roof. Its modern shape looks superb in the garden. An ideal pergola for a waterpool or relaxation area in a hotel patio. 

That modern pergola is stands out from the rest our products. The hexagon form of the construction resembles an appearance of cube with retractable waterproof awning made by special fabric.
TechProtect – it is an ideal offer not only for individual clients who appreciate the originality, but also for architects or designer offices.
The Cubic looks good in both version – as an free standing construction or adjusting to a wall.
Full controlling for retractable roof. Additional accessories gives possibility to use the terraces from early spring to late autumn. The system of sliding glazing or sides screens ZIP given protection from adverse weather conditions, also in the same time put emphasis on the geometric shape.


Scandi style pergola

Scandi style. A minimalistic and elegant pergola with distinctive two gable roofing. It can cover a garden or terrace up to 100 m2. An extremely durable and weatherproof construction. Free-standing version only.

Pergola Loft with its appearance resembles Scandinavian style buildings. There is nothing simpler and more beautiful at the same time on the garden plot than the pergola. The peculiar shape, modesty and at the same time evoking a feeling of spaciousness with a characteristic gable roof, where the non-standard method of folding an awning, which rolls towards the edges of the roof, opens up the space above the head, transforms the whole atmosphere of skyscape. A new type of décor Loft made exclusively for the landscape design version combines tradition and modernity.


Simple and elegant pergola

An elegant, light and economic pergola. Has a durable and water resistant fabric folded roof. Offered only in the wall-mounted version, which is intended mainly for small private use.

Pergola Simple is a compromise between price and unusual appearance. This model suit well with both modern and traditional architecture. This model offered only in the wall-mounted version, which is intended mainly for small private investment. Control for awning possible ion two ways – mechanically by a crank handle or by electric motor. The modest-looking pergola Simple is a model of functionality and simplicity in use. The roof is adapted to install the lighting. Regardless of weather conditions with screener integrated within support beams by ZIP and radiant heaters create a comfortable place to rest under a shield of the pergola.


Glass panel pergola

A system of glass panels sliding on special rollers. Elegant and functional, the glass panels enable you to use the pergola most of the year. The non-frame system allows you to keep in touch with nature.

Sliding glazing systems are a combination of practicality and an elegant design. It is a great investment option which enables us to benefit from the beauty of nature almost year-round.
As its installation is not complicated and it offers many benefits for its users, it fits into any architectonical context and can be installed in various spaces such as pergolas, balconies, terraces and conference rooms. Non-frame sliding mouldings are almost invisible when closed. Glass used in the construction is safe for use. System allows using from 2 to 10 mouldings which move on trolleys which are placed on the aluminium five-track profiles.


Screen fabric pergola

This special roller blinds protect you against sun, heat, wind and dust.
The screen fabric has an openness factor of 5%, with tear and strain resistance. A wide range of available colors.

The main purpose of external screen zip shades is to gently filter sunlight, provide privacy, reduce glare, protect floors and furniture from the sun (UV fading) and reduce external heat. In addition, zip screening is excellent barrier against strong wind gusts, insects and pollution. The frame of roller shutter is made of extruded aluminium and powder coated in any RAL colour. The zipper mechanism and a PVC guide guarantee that the fabric stays still in the side guides. Remotely controlled electric wired
or radio engine.


Accessories for pergolas

Our pergolas may be equipped with: glazing, roller blinds, LED lighting, infrared heaters, audio system, wind, rain and temperature sensors. They can also be remotely controlled by a smartphone app.

  • Lighting – LED points
  • Heat radiators
  • Bluetooth Audio set
  • Weather sensors (rain, temperature, wind)